Quran & Drama Weekend

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A spiritual, intellectual, and artistic stay that gives you the opportunity to meet interesting people, to understand the Quran methodically, to discover Muslim thinkers and to develop your ability to speak publicly?

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A stay with the following program :

  • Workshops to understand the Quran by the Quran (Tafsîr al-Qur'ân bil Qur'ân).
  • Workshops of reading of key texts of the Muslim thinkers
  • Drama workshops which are more than a game: it is a way to find the strength to live in coherence with one's convictions

Drama, More Than a Game: A Way to Affirm Your Convictions

The Quran & Drama Weekend offers workshops led by professionals to make theater a way to learn to be oneself, by putting oneself in the shoes of people who have given their lives to try to be better and make their world better.

How does it work?

You will choose an excerpt from a Muslim thinker such as Malek Bennabi or shaykh Tâhâ Jâbir al-'Alwânî, or from a different author such as Gandhi, André Charlier, Charles Péguy or Saint-Exupéry...

You will bring the text on stage by reading it for the audience of the present participants.


For us, theater is more than a game: it's a way to take back control of one's destiny, to say 'No' to false pretenses.

Success, showing off, discretion, justifying myself, ... : no more social masks !

Everyday life imprisons us in specific roles: the role of the student who is chasing diplomas, of the executive who is successful in life, of the young person who must stay young... The Muslim is also imprisoned in a media image that presents them as a social 'problem', a 'threat', the bearer of 'double speech'... They are subject to paradoxical injunctions that push them in contradictory directions: 'Be independent but you must integrate yourself into the dominant discourse'; 'You are free to live your religion but don't be too religious'; 'Don't be submissive to Islam, but you must submit to modernity'; 'We might not conflate Islam and terrorism but still, we don't trust you'...

This political and cultural climate prevents the Muslim from being himself or herself.

Being a Man or a Woman is not simply not to respect laws, to integrate within one's country, to love one's country as it is: it is to want the Good for one's country by contributing to make the collective life more just.

The Quran & Drama Weekend is a time where each participant can work on his or her person, on his or her way of being in the world.

A Collective, Holistic Experience

A super nice place

Practical information

Dates : Three-day weekend initially planned from Saturday 18/09/2020 to Monday 20/09/2020. Due to Covid, we postponed this training to a later date. Do not hesitate to register anyway: you will be treated in priority.

Location: In a nice place, ~2h from Paris which will be confirmed after registration.

Transportation: Train / carpooling at your expense.

Participation to the costs: 130 € (All included, accommodation & full board). Do you have particular difficulties? Send us a message at info@islamactuel.org and we will do our best.

Public: 20 participants.

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