Students: Workshops On Demand

The high school student asks themselves many questions…

What is love? What is the difference between love, desire and friendship? What is the purpose of marriage? If my parents are against my marriage project, what do I do? What happens the first time? What is Islam? What does Islam say about happiness, success, friendship, sexuality...?

When we're in high school…

We can be hesitant, not knowing how to place ourselves in life, when to assert ourselves and when to let go. It can be hard to express criticism, ideas or plans. We can feel tied up, torn by contrary desires that are difficult to control.

We offer 3 workshops…

For groups of high school students in mosques, schools and Muslim associations:

Let's Talk About Islam
Let's Talk About Love
Quran & Drama Weekend in a super nice place

Aims of the Islam & Love Workshops

To make the high school student think by starting from their questions and by making them discover the universal and current wisdom that Islam proposes.

These workshops are conducted in partnership with the association which has developed an experience in conducting workshops to talk about love and marriage to high school students.

Aims of the Quran & Drama Weekend

What's included

  • Theater workshops that are more than a game: it's a way to learn to listen, to concentrate, to speak in public, to assert oneself or to take a step back.
  • Workshops to discover the wisdom of the Quran.
Drama Weekend in a super nice place

Practical information

Dates: 3-day weekend & Workshops to be planned.

Location: in a nice place, ~2h from Paris.

Collective transport will be organized.

Participation to the costs : Workshops for high school students are free; Quran & Drama Weekend is 100 € (All included, accommodation, full board & theater workshop).

Public: group of 20 students maximum.

Book Us for Workshops

Contact us at to organize workshops on Islam & Love or a Drama Weekend.