Summer School 2021

Are you a student?

Do you want to meet students who want to be useful around them? To develop your spiritual & intellectual discipline? To introduce yourself to the universality and topicality of Islam, to wisdom and critical thinking?

We offer you a global intellectual, moral and spiritual training to develop your capacity to engage with the great questions of our time, in the light of Islam as universal and timely wisdom.

Practical information

Dates: from Saturday August 21, 2021 to Tuesday August 31, 2021.

Location: Gîte Château in Loir-et-Cher, France.

Transportation: train / carpooling at your expense.

Participation to the costs: 460€ (all included, accommodation, full board & training). Do you have particular difficulties? Send us a message at and we will do our best.

Public: 40 students from all disciplines, from the 1st year of a Bachelor's degree to the Doctorate.

Training Program

The training program has been designed along three lines: to provide students with the tools to understand today's world, to learn how to draw current and universal wisdom and knowledge from the Quran, and finally, to find a way for everyone to contribute to making the world a better place.

  1. How do the 1st 1 2nd modernity and postmodernity impact the world?
  2. How to properly read & synthesize a book?
  3. The crisis of the Muslim mind
  4. Self-critique of the Muslim discourse
  5. The critical mind: an Islamic approach
  6. Fiqh al-Tahayyuz or how to decipher biases in the social and natural sciences
  1. Purifying the reader of the Quran
  2. What is the meaning of life?
  3. Studies, work, fulfillment
  4. Tawhid & opening up to the world
  5. Islam & optimism
  6. Reforming ourselves: How to do it concretely?
  1. What are the common challenges?
  2. How can we cultivate unity among Muslims and with society at large?
  3. The vocation of the Muslim student
  4. Purifying the mind of the Muslim Student
  5. Student in lockdown: a manual
  6. Freedom: a tool, not a slogan


Develop spiritual discipline

Relearn to concentrate, to prepare yourself for prayer, through silence, dhikr and tasbîh. With everything that happens in life, you can find in the Quran a Light to enlighten and orient yourself.


Take some fresh air

Nature, too, has received Revelation. When we approach nature in the name of God and cultivating a just and lasting relationship with it, it opens its doors to us and lets us enjoy its fruits.


Feux de camp







List subject to change.


Zainab Alwani
Professeure d'études islamiques à la Howard University School of Divinity (Washington D.C., USA). Elle s'intéresse particulièrement à l'élaboration de méthodologies permettant d'aborder le Coran, la Sunna et la jurisprudence islamique sur la question de la femme et la famille. Elle figure parmi les chercheurs musulmans les plus éminents d'Amérique du Nord.

Abdelouhad Jahdani
Professeur d’usûl al-Fiqh (Fondements du droit) à l’université Ibn Zohr (Agadir, Maroc). Travaille sur les penseurs musulmans contemporains.

Sofiane Meziani
Professeur d’éthique islamique au lycée Averroès (Lille). A écrit notamment Le souffle de l'esprit - Ou comment faire face au culte de la matière ; L'homme face à la mort de Dieu.

Mumtaz Ali
Directeur de recherche au sein de l’International Islamic University Malaysia. Spécialiste de la pensée critique selon l’approche islamique.

Mohamed Oudihat
Consultant en organisation, engagé dans une réflexion sur ce que l’islam peut apporter comme sagesse au monde d’aujourd’hui. A écrit De l’amour : ce que l’islam a d’essentiel à dire à notre temps ; et sur shaykh Taha Jabir al-Alwani, Les Clés du Coran. Site :

Vos questions & nos réponses

Can I still participate if I'm not a student?

The Summer School is mainly for students. But we accept people who are committed to learn in an institute, who read, and who work on personal reflection.

Will the Summer School take place despite Covid?

We observe sanitary measures and follow the guidelines of the government who has announced that public gatherings will be allowed this summer (2021).

What does the 460€ fare include?

It includes accommodation, meals, and expenses related to the training courses; not transportation. Part of the fare is supportive: those who have a little more money will help those who have less to attend the Summer School.

Will we be able to carpool?

Yes. Once the registration process is over, we will offer to put you in contact with students who live near you.

Can we come as a couple and with children?

You are welcome to. You just have to let us know as soon as possible so that we can organize for the accommodation accordingly. As far as the children are concerned, there is no sitter to be in charge of them. You will commit to your children’s care without disrupting the course of the program.

Recommended Readings

You can synthesize a chapter or the book & present it during the Summer School.

Click on the book of your choice to be redirected to a merchant site (we don't take any commissions 🙂).



  1. Starting 24/04 to 20/07/2021* - You can register (*new extension)

  2. Starting 15/06/2021 - You can make the payment

  3. Before 01/08/2021 - You will receive all the information concerning the Summer School